Loccioni and the philosophy of the error. Today on La Repubblica

Making a mistake in business is not a sin. Indeed, it can even be rewarded as long as you do not hide it. The mistake becomes the atout of success. For themselves and their team.
A management philosophy that starts to be successful in Italy, as claimed by Isabella Covili Faggioli, president of the Aidp (Italian Association of Directors of the staff), but that in order to do so it must abandon the old hierarchical conception of the company in favor of everyday less pyramidal organizations.
A corporate culture also promoted by our Group, in daily contact with the error, either as an integral part of the business, and as a natural risk of a project work, always new and different.
An article published today on “Repubblica” newspaper where, on page 2, in red, the beginning of the paragraph in which the philosophy of the error in Loccioni is told.