Loccioni between national excellence for the quality of the projects with schools

Put life in parallel; anticipate the entry into the world of work; have the possibility to make a conscious choice; cast sidelong glances at the future comparing oneself to whom have a lot of experience. This is how Loccioni has translated the Learning-Working Project. With jobplace for all ages®, Loccioni becomes the place where the young and the adult can meet, where different generations can melt together and plan the future. A magical alchemy where the young can live a unique experience together with the students of elementary and secondary schools, students who are about to graduate and doctoral candidates, teachers, managers, technicians and humanists. With this kind of network made by people and ideas we can really talk about leaving a mark on the territory in order to imagine a new culture of work and future.
The “all ages” Learning-Working Project allows the jobplace to nurture talents and to remain young, taking care of their growth inside a “laboratory” of experiences.
“School needs a gym where people can grow and get prepared to work. The company needs a “nursery” of people and knowledge in order to plan its own future. Our doors are open to the school since the beginning of this adventure”, explained Enrico Loccioni, remembering when, in the ’70, the knowledge and the energy necessary to face the challenges of the markets and innovation came from school, such as ENALC or INAPLI.
“Our company is not the only “Champion of the Learning-Working Project”, but so are the entire territory and its people: students, teachers, head teachers, the Marche Region, our precious Silverzone and collaborators who put a lot of passion and energy in all these projects. We share this eulogy with them which is also a promise to do always better. I believe, and I tested it, that if the purpose of the meeting between the public and the private sectors is the common good, it can overcome all the obstacles.”
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