Loccioni China Ltd. has come!

Loccioni Group grows up with our last international enterprise birth. On 25th december 2013 Loccioni China Ltd has been officially registered and it has replaced our Representation Office. This milestone further enhances our foreign presence together with Loccioni USA Inc. and Loccioni Deutschland GmbH.
Our goal is to support as best as we can our Asia Pacific customers, as well as the main commercial interface and strategic support for maintenance service and spare parts supply. We look toward China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, South Corea, etc.
During this year Loccioni Group will start a partnership exactly with the industrial giant LG Electronics, to develop a view system for washing machine dashboard test.
Loccioni China Ltd. headquarter will always be in Shanghai, the most important Chinese automotive hub, that will take advantage of a technical and commercial team, made of highly qualified people both local and Italian.

Andrea Alcini

Managing Director
Loccioni China Ltd