Loccioni Group is the only Italian company on the Great Place to Work 2014

Actually, this is the seventh time that we took part in Great Place to Work Institute’s survey during the last ten years: after being rewarded six consecutive times, we took a break but we continued to grow up and this year, we’ve chosen to be back in the game.
Being the only completely Italian company confirms to us that we’re on the right path to build a work environment supporting people in developing their own personality and ambitions. That’s “Play Factory” philosophy: creating a place where hierarchy doesn’t exist and fun is part of work activities, where it is possible to work with passion and pleasure.
Team spirit, sense of belonging, fairness, credibility, respect are the parameters taken into account to let the collaborators themselves evaluate Loccioni values and processes, the organization and their expectations. The excellent evaluations coming are linked to the attention that Loccioni reserves to collaborators and their families, to the widespread growth opportunity, to its sustainable head-quarters surrounded by nature, to continuous training possibilities. But good evaluations are also due to several other projects involving surrounding territory and local community:
–          Bluzone supporting and enhancing innovative relationships with schools
–          Silverzone creating generational bridges and valorizing divesity
–          LOV offering an emotional experience to the 8000 persons that come every year to visit Loccioni Headquarters and making them experience the territory
–          Leaf Community gathering clients, partners and researchers around soustainability topics.
–          Flumen having secured the river and dicovering its cultural and natural resources
–          Play Factory supporting the highest expression of people intelligence through playful approach.
–          Research@ is the Group laboratory networks that bringing prestige and visibility in the scientific fields and European Community.
Nevertheless the strongest motivation to always do better is coming from Loccioni clients all over the world, thanks to which Loccioni Group can go on creating new jobs in the territory, making youngest people, networks and knowledge grow up.
Being a Great Placet to Work is essentially a huge responsibility. We acknowledge that measuring is the first step to improve ourselves. This climate analysis let us know which are the fields to improve, the new expectations and dreams that will lead us towards the future” has claimed Enrico keeping on looking forward.