Loccioni. Signs of a new image

Welcome in the new Loccioni website, the landing place of a journey through the signs of culture, knowledge and technology.

Our journey starts with a new way of telling the story of what we have been yesterday, are today and imagine to be tomorrow.
It is a tale about knowledge, measure, technology, human being and nature.

The new Loccioni website mirrors the dual nature of the Group and offers to the visitors contents and conversations both on enterprise culture and on scientific, technologic, marketing issues.
Loccioni.com tells the story, the business model and the goals of an enterprise that has the strong will to be a common good, to develop knowledge also out of its boundaries, to contribute to the well being of its collaborators, its customers, its suppliers and its belonging community.
The portal offers insights about the main entrepreneurial assets of Loccioni, such as people – by means of the dedicated blog people.loccioni.com – and the research activityresearch.loccioni.com.

But the enterprise grows especially thanks to its customers and partners and for them we have developed dedicated business portals, where it is possible to surf among our solutions, experiences and development projects focusing on a specific market needs.

Energy: dedicated to the development of integrated systems for energy efficiency, production, saving and monitoring
Environment: dedicated to environmental monitoring solutions
Home: for the home appliance industry quality needs and home living technologies
Humancare: for health care, nutrition and wellness sectors
Mobility: dedicated to the mobility industry

Loccioni’s integrated web platform has been designed to allow its visitors to explore the many corporate aspects and business areas of the company, with the main goal to give a clear unified vision of the group and at the same time the possibility to rapidly access to specific contents.

The sign is the first tool man used to comunicate. Sign as act, word, draw, writing. Thanks to writing, experience becomes heritage and can be shared, becoming cultural evolution and social development. The written word is also the object of the first example of industrial automation: the press.

The new Loccioni communication chooses the written sign as its corporate image to tell about a knowledge based company where experience and vision find their power in people interaction.
The hand written notes forming the corporate visual represent the entrepreneur deploying its vision, but also the student while learning, the collaborator while designing, the senior while transferring its experience. Together these signs trace a story, Loccioni’s ongoing story, a company born as artisan enterprise, carrying the value of rural culture, and developed as knowledge company, continuously elevating its people cultural level, its technological solutions quality, its ideas value.

Also the logo image, the Loccioni brand pictogram, symbol of the company continuous evolution, of its openness and of the challenges collected, of its constant starting up, is enriched with the ancient strength of manual sign, and crossed by a flash of lighting: it is the future, the research for innovation, the creative thinking, the genius that find in Loccioni model the fine openness and humus to grow.

But once you will have surfed our world through this virtual journey, come and visit us, to know each other, to make business, to share knowledge, to experience the real smiles that the web cannot render: our company is open.