Loccioni Traverse System at GTI Conference

The conference regularly attracts an international audience of professionals from across the measurement and control industry seeking to gain a global understanding of the very latest work and research in gas turbine instrumentation.
Measurement systems, sensors and control processes are critical for the continued development and operation of gas turbine engines and through the technical scope, the organising committee are inviting contributions on the innovative solutions for a field rich in technical challenge.
We’ll be there and not only as spectators! Indeed, we have successfully submitted an article on our “Stargate” (Probe Positioning Traverse System) and will go up on stage in the afternoon of the first day to present its content, alongside participants like Rolls Royce, GKN Aerospace, Meggitt, Siemens.
The Traverse System has been designed and implemented to automatically accurately position measurement sensors (pressure and temperature transducers) inside the test rig conduit. Currently it’s at the heart of the Avio Aero (Ge Aviation) new Cold Flow Turbine Test Facility (CFTTF) in PoloniAero Research and Educational Center laboratory (Zielonka, Poland) targeted to experimental research on advanced technology turbine design.
For more info visit: www.loccioni.com/aerospace