Loccioni@Expo “#2kmdifuturo: Food, Energy, Innovation”

The wonderful Waterstone by Enrico De Lucchi, along the Decumano and near to the Italian Pavilion, will welcome some of the most important brands of the international food industry, invited by Loccioni to discuss about the future.
In fact, the main topic of the meeting, that will be moderated by journalist Luca De Biase, is “The Food Factory of the Future”.
Which are the innovation drivers indicated by European Community?
Which new technologies to improve productivity and quality?
Which threads and problems in terms of productive process need to be solved?
What is the importance of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability and is it possible to create a balance between production and environmental impact?
How is it possible to connect the food industry with the territorial development?
The panelists will bring the experience and the vision of such brands as Carlsberg, Ferrero, Fileni, Lavazza, Mondelez International, Nestle Waters.
It will also be the occasion to live the Marche Region, taste its beauty and its excellences. At the end of the meeting, all participants are invited to visit the Marche space in the Italian Pavilion, entering the White Cube designed by scenographer Giancarlo Basili.
After the visit, thanks to Fileni and Regione Marche,  there will be a show-cooking by star chef Errico Recanati in the Lake Arena Area, by the Love IT space where there will also a Marche Wine testing.
The best way to spend the evening sharing the incredible show of the Tree of Life evening enlightment.