Loccioni@Expo: from Esino Valley to the world


  • Inside Palazzo Italia: The home of Italian IdentityLocated in the final part of the Cardo, Palazzo Italia will be the heart of the Italian Pavillion and will host the big exhibition on the Italian Identity. After touring the Power of Making (first floor) and the Power of Beauty (second floor), you will find on the third floor The power of Limits, the most extraordinary stories of the Italian capability to overcome the obstacles independent from one’s will.Among these stories you will find Loccioni’s  2 km di futuro®,the story of our Esino river, a limit and a menace that has been transformed into safety and value, becoming a beautiful walk for the people of the territory and a destination for thousands of  visitors coming to see Loccioni from all over the world.
  • World Testimonial of Marche Region
    In the Italian Pavilion, not far from Palazzo Italia, 200 squared meters will be dedicated to the Italian Regions that will alternatively show their excellences. From May 29th till June 11th it will be the turn of Marche with the exhibition titled “The perspective of life”by the sociologist Aldo Bonomi, the professor Roberto Bernabei and the scenographer Giancarlo Basili. The show will focus on the key factors that explain why Marche is the region in Europe and Italy with the highest longevity.The Marche space will not only offer the visitor the possibility to experience our culture and tradition: it will also show the economic and entrepreneurial model that has led so many family companies to be world excellences in many sectors. 17 have been selected to be the champions of this entrepreneurship model and Loccioni is one of them.

  • In the Waterstone by Intesa San Paolo
    You might remember the funny TV ads “Storie Impossibili” in which Enrico Loccioni was involved by Italian Bank Intesa Sanpaolo, with the famous actor Claudio Bisio. Once again Intesa San Paolo believes in those companies, like ours, examples of Italian good entrepreneurship in the world, and offer to 400 selected ones the possibility to use the Waterstone by Enrico De Lucchi for an entire day.

  • Re-start from the future at the Growth Festival
    “An important occasion to create a virtuous connection between the main players of the growth and development, seeding education and harvesting innovation”. This is the project of the Growth Festival, by Future Concept Lab that, for the entire duration of the EXPO, will explore six different dimensions of the growth: educate, seed, innovate, undertake, communicate. The first edition will culminate in a four days of meetings, happenings, conversations in the beautiful location of  Palazzo delle Stelline, October 15th to 18th. On October 16th among the “8 conversations on technological talent paths”  there will also be Loccioni and our 2 km di futuro®.

Now that you know where and when, you cannot miss to come and meet us. We will be waiting for you in Milan.