Open Day in Loccioni: at work with Mum and Dad

The guests were divided into 4 categories to participate in different activities based on their age group. The Baby (0 to 6 years) with their parents had fun playing games based on the Montessori Method. The children in the Junior category (6 to 14 years) were given a chance to explore different professions by working on vegetable gardens, looking at beehives and playing with drones and robots. The Rookies (14 to 25 years) were oriented to the professional world from Curriculum Vitae to Social Reputation. The Senior (over 25 years) visited Loccioni’s laboratories and walked on the path of 2 km of future.
At 6 pm Cardinal Menichelli joined the Loccioni family to give everyone the Easter blessings.
The open day marked the ending of the month of March dedicated to Mrs. Graziella Rebichini Loccioni and her greatest passions: people and family.
The month of March began with a conference by a well known mental trainer Leonardo Milani on “The importance of being a parent”. Following this, there were several formal and informal events, such as the surprise breakfast and free hugs for all the collaborators on the 11th of March, and the mass on 23rd of March to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mrs. Graziella. One of the most formal events was the presentation of the book “Diario Pubblico” to the Senate and the meeting of the entrepreneurs of the Marche Region and Laura Boldrini, the President of the Chamber of Deputies.