Roberto Vacca guest of Loccioni Group

Roberto Vacca
Tomorrow, Friday, June 21 at 6.00 p.m., after 14 years, will again be our guest Prof. Roberto Vacca, futurist and expert in technology foresight.
In addition to dealing with issues of innovation and culture by relating them to the work and growth of well-being, in Italy and in the world, Vacca will offer his vision on future scenarios of mobility, climate change and demographic trends, with the preparation and the passion that has always characterized his work.
Roberto Vacca is a multi-faceted protagonist in the world of culture: he is an engineer, writer, professor, writer and mathematician.
Furthermore, he collaborated and still collaborates with international associations, ministries and TV shows for scientific and cultural projects related to technological forecasting, systems engineering, campaigns for correct information on technology, management and training. In addition, through mathematical tools, outlines future scenarios of energy, transport, socio-economic and cultural structure.

For years, a friend of our Group, with which he shares  passion for innovation and for the dissemination of good practices, Prof. Vacca with this intervention will also give us an opportunity to analyze our paths of development and innovation, improving thus our enterprise culture and our way to integrate people, job and knowledge. The 4% of our annual sales, in fact, is invested in research projects, with the aim of finding new opportunities and offer quality work to young people of the territory.