Scateniamoci, a Confindustria event


A Confindustria event

On June 7th-8th in Santa Maria Ligure will be held the conference “Scateniamoci. Liberate Italy from bonds and chains” promoted by Confindustria.
The event aims to transform the protests against the crisis into concrete proposals
for a different economic and social structure in which politics has the mission to protect the public interest, the Public Administration offers efficient services and Businesses Companies innovate and provide jobs for young people.
The crisis can be an opportunity to choose a different future:  the future that by reconnecting growth to real life, promotes well-being and new relationships.
Claudio LoccioniLoccioni Humancare Director, will attend the event in the session Labour, taxation and welfare. From opportunities” (June 7, 11.50 am) and will dialogue with other entrepreneurs, journalists, teachers and politicians.
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  • Watch “La ballata dei giovani imprenditori” for the program Piazza Pulita on LA 7  TV. The journalist Alessandro Sortino (before journalist for “Le Iene”), with the usual irony meets  many of the participants in the event. From the minute 7:36 he introduces some young entrepreneurs as positive examples for the (re)construction of the future.

To overcame the crisis there is the need to revise the concepts of “wealth” and “poverty.” Of this message Claudio Loccioni became a spokesman for the Group.