Staff Exchange with Smart GEMS

On February 15th, one of our colleagues, who will take turns between now and September, has left for Athens.  The project, in collaboration with University of Athens, Cyprus University of Technology, the Cyprus Insistute, Technical University of Crete, National University of SingaporeIdea and Elgama-Elektronica, aims to develop and implement innovative technological solutions to promote the development of smart grids and thus of smart communities. The result is a micro-power network in which consumers, renewables, energy storage systems, buildings coexist in the most efficient manner possible. The proposals will be implemented and tested solutions on the infrastructures provided by the various project partners; In fact, academic and industry bodies to provide Smart GEMS wide variety of structures such as micro-networks, zero energy buildings, renewable sources and energy storage systems that are available for testing activities.
A partnership that will allow us to increase our expertise on energy efficiency in buildings , applied in projects such as the Leaf Community and necessary for the continuous update of the performances of our Leaf Lab, the first connective industrial building.