Superquark presents Loccioni Bluzone

The 4th June 2013, the reportage of Superquark dedicated to Loccioni was broadcasted on Rai1.
The reportage was born from the interest of Piero Angela to deal with the relationship between schools and the job market highlighting perpectives and opportunities.
The main actors of the reportage realized by Giovanni Carrada and Andrea Pasquini are young students who live a professional experience in our Company thanks to projects purposefully thought for schools.  Classe Virtuale is the project that for years makes us in touch with Technical Institutes of the Province, Grow On is the training course for students of the Faculty of Economics, Polytechnic University of Marche.
School and  work connection is relevant for a correct orientation of young people towards training courses that allow them to acquire the most demanded skills in the job market and for the practical application of the theoretical knowledge that often risk to be unused.
Piero Angela commented on the reportage with this beautiful sentence:
If I hear I forget, if I see I remember, if I do learn.
Watch the Superquark reportage: Bluzone, il lungo rapporto tra scuole e università del Gruppo Loccioni