The adopted river’s response

Although numerous damages were caused in the nearby, the 2km stretch of Esino River that flows through the territory between Maiolati-Castelplanio and Apiro-Mergo SS76 way, stayed firmly in its banks. Indeed these 2 kilometers has been adopted since 2012, thanks to a close and innovative collaboration between several Public Institutions and our private Company. Important interventions and considerable investments were made to bring the river back to its natural banks, to periodically clean the river bed and banks up, and to do surrounding greenery maintenance.

Along with these preventive activities, monitoring ones were important too. Loccioni Group has turned these 2 km in a real open-air laboratory for technological innovation: a web-cam system was installed along with sensors for monitoring pier undermining phenomena, hydrometric sensor for measuring water surface, embankment systems to handle the river flow. The integration of all these highly innovative solutions could measure and control the trend flood and was able to alert people in useful advance to activate an emergency plan.
An other relevant intervention was carried out on Scisciano bridge. Last summer the third span was opened and cleaned up, its foundations were reinforced and a webcam system was installed along with several sensors monitoring the river. That prevented the bridge from literarily collapsing.
Therefore, this cooperation represents a desirable and practical model to handle the river in a more systemic and functional way, supporting the natural balance of the surrounding environment. It allows to optimize the economic resource management related to the territory, stressing predictive maintenance activities and focusing on the long run rather than on the short one.