The beauty of 2 km di futuro®

We want to share this acknowledgement with all those who have contributed with their passion, ingenious, generosity and a lots of work in this open air laboratory of safety and beauty: the Marche Region and Ancona Province, with their professionals full of passion, Loccioni Family who have decided to invest their money to keep safe everybody’s job place and the surrounding area, the geologists, architects, landscape designers, botanics who with Loccioni Team have cared after all operations, studing the river’s history and soul; the local community who has brought the value of the river life and its stories; the universities who together with Loccioni Research for Innovation keep on studying how to maintain the river safe and monitored; the collaborators, customers, suppliers whose trust is the only mean to pursue this important social value.
Thanks to all.
We remind that 2 km di futuro® is exhibited in Expo Milano 2015 at the third floor of Palazzo Italia in the Power of Limit with the multimedia installation “The Fair of the river and of the Factory”