The sky in a room

That is how Avio Aero named the Wet Rig project, developed together with Loccioni to test GE Aviation’s new ATP motors (Advanced Turbo Prop).
The control room built at the Avio Aero’s plant in Brindisi (Italy) simulates the atmospheric conditions of every stage of fly in order to verify safety and reliability of a virtual motor, which is recreated by the interaction of hardware modules (the two gearboxes) and the control system called FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control system).
This combination makes it possible to simulate the motor’s behavior while it is still in a development stage, thus boosting the implementation process of this technology.
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The Wet Rig project is one of the peaks of Loccioni’s experience in the aerospace sector. Alongside with the Circular Traversing System (read The Giant of the Forest) developed in 2016, it is one of the milestones of Loccioni’s partnership with Avio Aero (a GE Aviation business).