Vittorio Merloni. When setting up a company means to build timeless bonds

To build an enterprise we need a territory, to build a territory we need an enterprise
I was barely eighteen, at the head of a very small electrical plant design and installation company with a great desire to listen and learn when I crossed Merloni family’s path: in a small town of the countryside, Aristide Merloni officiated at the opening of a small company, the birth of a business, the birth of an entrepreneur.
The passion and the taste he managed to impart were those of a man who sees the growth of his territory, a man who aims to animate other entrepreneurs to weave a cultural and productive network in order to push the development of a city, a province, a region. I recognized that taste and passion. Those are the best things about being an entrepreneur.
I had little chances to personally meet Vittorio Merloni, but his name is inextricably linked to the most important years of development in our history. During the ’70s, Merloni Elettrodomestica company production was successful. I saw this entrepreneur projected to the world, led by a huge creative boost, involved by the social point of view, very close to his territory.
Thanks to him, our region reached an international dimension. Vittorio was the first among the appliance manufacturers to deal with the issue of quality and he came to us with the aim to develop a technological innovation that could improve both the production process and the quality of the product. The household appliances factories of the Marche region became the most innovative in the world.
I remember his gaze always lively, keen, curious; he watched attentively the small companies like ours. For this reason, when he visited us, I took advantage of the occasion and I asked him some advice “what would you do if you were us?” .
We still own some precious documents of that meeting and I share them with our young employees.
From the commercial and communication approach to the economic culture, from the entrepreneurial ethics to the reduction of waste, with great generosity and passion Vittorio Merloni  gave us a timeless business lesson.
Enrico Loccioni