Adaptive Manufacturing

This research project aims to develop innovative products, industrial processes and production systems. The goals of such innovations focus on two main area: energy and safety.

  • Energy: the project addresses energy efficiency by the reduction of negative impacts on environments and the increasing use of Renewable Energy Sources (RESs).
  • Safety: safety must be guaranteed for workers, consumers and surrounding communities while the related costs are still acceptable to the factory.

Loccioni group is involved in two work packages:

  1. Sensor system aimed to monitor and control Energy efficiency in a factory

In this work package a sensor systems is developed and installed at the factory. Accordingly, such a real-time monitoring system enables the detection of the major issues related to the energy consumption in the factory.

In particular, Loccioni group develops and installs the monitoring system and sensors at two partner factories:

Zannini SpA in Castelfidardo (AN) ,

and Profiglass in Fano (PU),

2.Technologies for material characterization in RAEE recycling systems

Technologies for the characterization of circuit board fragments are aimed to support the process control of mechanical separation in recycling systems. An innovative and effective method for material characterization is hyperspectral imaging which is able to measure at the same time dimensions, shape and chemical composition of particles. Together with the Institute for Industrial and Automation Technologies (ITIA) of the CNR we are developing new methods based on hyperspectral imaging for particle characterization and the improvement of mechanical separation for material recovery.

Recycling cell for printed circuit boards

Material characterization of shredded circuit boards.