Adaptive Manufacturing

The project aims at developing technologies and solutions to enhance the flexibility and productivity of modern factory shopfloors, in order to improve the capacity of appropriately responding to unpredictable changes in market requests. In particular, the project wants to develop innovative devices and machines for supporting the as-autonomous‐as‐possible reconfiguration and adaptation of machinery and robots, as basis for supporting mass customized and highly personalized products and fast reactions to shifts of market demands.

Within the project, Loccioni Group takes part to the technical activities mainly related to human‐machine adaptive and efficient interfaces. Immersive and symbiotic collaboration between human workers and robots leads to a more efficient and flexible manufacturing environment. The goal is to develop innovative ways to make easier the cooperation between humans and robots, allowing new paradigms for easy programming and, thus, enabling machines and robots full flexibility from the user point of view. Cognition‐based intelligent features and prediction‐based reactive control strategies within machinery and robots will be used to radically change their interfacing towards human workers in manufacturing environments.