the project

In the last decade, the amount of available data grew exponentially, introducing the concept of Big Data. However, finding trained professionals, capable of transforming huge datasets into significant information, seems to be quite difficult for enterprises. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) needs to adapt to the changing needs of the global market, including plans for training and research designed ad hoc.

Da.Re. project intends to give a significant contribution in the reform of teaching and governance, bridging the gap between HEIs and the business sector, in order to enhance the functioning of the “knowledge triangle”. The result of the project will be the identification and design of training programs dedicated to the future of big data professionals, the contents of which will be built on the basis of the actual needs of enterprises, so as to ensure the formation of Data Scientist ready to immediately enter the world of working with the right skills to meet the employability opportunities created by this new data science.