Starting from the first electrical equipments and automation systems for rail stations in the 70’s, experience in transport sector and passion for innovation have driven Loccioni towards the continuous improvement of quality and services for the transport and railways network.

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Felix: robot for switches & crossings inspections

Felix is the first certified mobile robot for the automatic inspection of railway switches and crossings (S&C). It is developed by Loccioni with the support of RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana), to increase railway switches reliability, guarantee railways safety and solve inspection and maintenance planning problems.

Felix brochure
On-board technology for S&C and track geometry

Felix is able to monitor parameters such as: Gauges, Cant, Twist, Clearances, Flangeway gaps, Free wheel passages and Crossed distance.

On-board technology for S&C and track wear

Felix is able to monitor parameters such as: Groove/gap depth, Check-rail thickness, Chipping of switch blades, Wear of blade’s contact side, Wear of blade’s toes, Wear of stock-rail, Crossing nose alignment, Wear 45°.

Raw data 3D reconstruction of inspected parts

Felix is equipped with profilometers and bespoke software architectures able to deliver customer tailored inspection reports, to create a 3D reconstructions of the inspected parts and perform relevant data analysis.