Rural innovation

The San Clemente Valley

Bringing back vitality and work to an inland valley, developing entrepreneurship for present and future generations, seeding beauty because the quality of life comes from the Earth.

In the heart of Le Marche countryside lies the San Clemente Valley, an hidden valley rich in history, nature and spirituality.

In this territory the Municipality of Apiro and the Loccioni company have started a public-private project to enhance the valley’s historical, cultural, artistic, naturalistic, agricultural heritage and thus create new jobs.

Starting from the values ​​of the land, from the local agricultural tradition, from geology, from the specificity of the soil and the subsoil, a reference model is outlined for the enhancement of rural areas.

Loccioni promotes the development of this project by bringing back the techniques and skills developed in more than fifty years of business. It does so for emotional closeness – Enrico Loccioni was born right in the middle of the Valley – and because the sharecropping and monastic culture are the deep matrices of the activity that takes place “downstream”, in the technological laboratories.

The agriculture of the future, data science, robotics and interconnected systems, the Internet of things and new digital craftsmanship, sustainability and quality of life are the starting points for bringing back work and vitality to rural areas.

As in the Benedictine era, the Sant’Urbano Abbey, the heart of the Valley, returns a node of a network, the fulcrum of a local and international community that is the expression of an ancient but future lifestyle.

The San Clemente Valley

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