2KM: Presentation of the book

A real wave of affection overwhelmed us last Friday in Milan and as it usually happens to waves, they cause the evolution of another wave which always returns and returns.
Therefore the wave started from Maria Ludovica and Riccardo Varvelli who from the stage reminded and told us 25 years of collaboration with the Loccioni Group, also reached Marina Salomon who returned it full of the concepts of integrity and respect as the elements of beauty characterizing the company. On his turn Alessandro Plateroti, vice director of Sole 24 Ore enriched us by sharing his experiences within the financial and managerial world thus offering us an economic vision of the entrepreneurial model proposed by the book.
Then Enrico Loccioni took the floor, after calling on stage his wife Graziella, who physically interpreted this wave of affection going towards all his friends, customers, suppliers , professors , researchers , calling them by name , without saying anything of himself and of his company. On the other side, Graziella did it by telling the story of a company living of passions, sacrifices, emotions , just as in a real family context, thus launching the wave to the 350 guys who in streaming were following the event.
And this wave came back not only to the Marche region site but also to the Stuttgart, Washington, Canada and China ones , where the protagonists of the 2KM, the collaborators of the Group, work, live, plan.
To represent them Maria Paola who launched an imaginary bridge between the old American Indian culture and the Marche region one, explaining how the beauty of the 2KM just lies in the harmony sustainability is able to realize.
All these wave launches and returns have been majestically moderated and caught by Maria Cristina Origlia, managing editor of L’Impresa, who was really capable of highlighting the beauty and the emotion of the whole meeting.
Ten o’clock arrived, “ciauscolo” ended, as all the other Marche region specialties, but in the air it was still possible to breathe the willingness of staying, of not leaving, of speaking again and again, of listening, of sharing the philosophy of the company to spread out the seeds of beauty.
Thanks for Your presence and for the beauty of Your precious affection.

Many thanks.