HR: from Human Resources to Human (R)evolution

The proposal behind this (R)evolution of the HR model passes through three dimensions of corporate life of every person who Handbook of Weconomy focuses in its three main chapters.
The first aspect is dedicated individual, the “ME“, which must be handled with care by creating a balance between personal and professional identity through continuous paths of formation and strengthening of new skills but also of the “soft skills”. Next to Netflix and 3M, it is cited Tetrapak whose motto, “freedom with accountability” sums up the desire to give employees the greatest freedom combined with the utmost responsibility.
The second chapter is devoted to the relational dimension, the “ME + ME” in which is fundamental motivation of employees and their ability to activate connections. It is here that is also mentioned Loccioni and model of the Open Company: an incubator of people and projects also divergent with respect to the core technological business, which nurture new relationships and new contamination.
And finally there is the dimension of the global network, the so-called “ecosystem” of the WE, interpreted in different ways and to varying degrees by the handcrafted e-commerce site Etsy, by the non-profit Slow Food and by the information giant Google.
ME, ME + ME, WE, beyond the real examples that can be embodied, there are three successive stages of a path but three dimensions that coexist in the present of every business and allow her to open up to the future.
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