Territories, cities and enterprises: smart or hospitable?


The seminar was about the theme of hospitality, which was analyzed in relation to the possibility of building a virtuous connection between technology and human relationships through territories, cities and enterprises. Philosophers, architects, economists, entrepreneurs, managers and public institutions joined their minds to think about the need to integrate the development of new technologies with the design of hospitable places, which can promote human beings realization and the respect for the environment in which they live.

On Friday, September 20th, Enrico Loccioni (President) and Renzo Libenzi (General Manager) spoke about our Group, telling how the developed projects can create community places which spread relationship, encourage solidarity and promote civil growth . In particular, they spoke about Flumen , the project of the “adoption” of Esino river, aimed at securing and enhancing a 2-km river area. A collaboration between public and private in a laboratory for joint design, an investment in the future that also leads to the rediscovery of the river as an energy and cultural resource. From being a threat, the river becomes a resource again, with its stories, its traditions, the work of the ‘selcini’ (stone breakers), the hidden beaches, the biodiversity of fauna and flora. For this, Flumen can represent an example of an enterprise that hosts territory, tradition and technology.