Territory, Culture and Social Innovation. First ethical-economical publication for our Group

On 11th and 12th October 2013, the International Conference on Sustainable Cultural Heritage Management, has been staged in Rome, sponsored by the University of Roma Tre.
The Conference was about the themes of innovation and sustainability as regards the promotion and conservation of the cultural heritage of a territory.
Loccioni Group joined the Conference, with my speech entitled “The Loccioni model of responsible enterprise. Territory, Culture and Social Innovation”, which has became our first scientific ethical-economical publication. The text is available on an ebook here.
The Conference has been a good opportunity to testify how our Group, through projects such as LOV, Flumen and 2km of the future, is increasingly making efforts to develop and preserve its territory culture, through the promotion of the values ​​of responsibility, sustainability and social innovation, and thus combining technology and humanism.
Francesco De Stefano