Which is the relation between time and space? 365 days in 12.861 words

Energy, territory, culture are the key words the balance aims to count and tell.
Enterprise and energy
The future need to be planned respecting  environment and people. That is why the Leaf Community
becomes Smart
, the first example of a real, functioning micro-grid.
And just to give some numbers, thanks also to the Leaf players, it is asevery minute we plant 1 tree, saving the CO2 it would absorb in 1 year.

Enterprise and territory
The deep love for our land is expressed in projects to enhance it. We go across the world to search talents and opportunities, creating new jobs here. . But we also try to get the best from this land and take care of it, transforming our river, in example, from a threat to a resource. With the Flumen project we adopted the Esino river securing its 2-km of innovation that became a resource for the territory:

  • 5,500 ql recovered wood for biomass
  • 2,000,000 € private investment
  • 30 people engaged in the works
  • 10 people engaged in the maintenance
  • 3 small hydropower plants installed for a total energy production of 580 MW/h per year, equivalent to the average consumption of 225 households


Enterprise and culture
Innovation, for a knowledge-based company, is not only technological, but also cultural.
Project as the Play Factory and the Identity Lab (the Loccioni laboratory on communication and corporate culture), along with all the Loccioni Publications, are the mirror of the importance given to the culture in communicating tha value, including the technological one, of a company:

  • 4 books on corporate culture,inspired by the story and the relevance of Olivetti model
  • 5 Pausa Caffè volumes, tales of passions, hobbies, journeys and knowledge
  • 29 books published in 10 years, that analyze the ‘Loccioni case’ from different perspectives
  • 2 entirely dedicated to the Group
  • 1,098 issues including articles, services and publications

But an enterprise of social imagination is composed of people, activities and projects that renew themselves year by year; in this social balance you can also find updates of our data (numbers of collaborator, positions, average age, …), training activities, projects dedicated to schools, networks, acknowledgements and innovation activities, with the solutions developed by our research@ and Research for Innovation labs, as Amber, Kateye, MyLeaf, Firefly, Poweris, 3DRec, Thor 2.0, MultiB and Agorà.