Enrico Loccioni was born in Marche region countryside in a family of farmers, in the crossroads of three important abbeys of Benedictine culture: St. Elena, St. Romualdo and St. Urbano. The cultural heritage of Benedictine monks and the family one linked with its land and the work in fields have determined the model and the values of the company he himself founded in 1968, at the only age of 19 years old.


The first 20 years of the company turn around the industrial electric plant engineering, looking for the best customers and collaborators, to carry on an activity in the service of industry. Since the beginning we have been the intermediary figure between school and working world, finding in technical institutes and in the Universities of the territory the necessary resources to carry on the company development.


In the 70s Vittorio Merloni was one of the first to identify and pursue the passage from the quantity to the quality of the product. Working with him and for him we have started to analyse the new possibilities offered by the market in terms of quality control challenge, thus starting the diversification of markets and competences. In a few years, thanks to a group of curious and willing young people a new branch of the company was created, soon reaching the international leadership in home appliances and car components testing. Following our clients, world leaders in their sectors, from electric plants to production lines, we have started to communicate with them in terms of efficiency, handling, traceability and logistics, developing competences in the productive processes automation technologies.


From producing to product, from efficiency to quality: a challenge collected with enthusiasm for developing a competence and a network of knowledge at a very high level on the measurement issue for the quality control and testing.
In the 90s the passage from hand-crafted company to a knowledge company is almost completed, first starting from specialized workers and then passing to people with diploma and finally graduated people. The knowledge development can also be realized thanks to a recruitment policy focused on the continuous employment of young people who can benefit of training in return for their energy, courage in taking initiatives and responsibilities with the aim of contributing to the growth of the company.

In this way, after the electric engineering plant, industrial automation, home appliances and car components quality control and monitoring phase, new adventures start with developing telecommunications competences and ICT and environmental monitoring.


Measuring for improving, transforming data into values: this is our mission. With this commitment and multisector experience in measuring since 2000 we have been giving the starting signal to new business and knowledge development lines. Thanks to the challenge collected from the health care world, we created Humancare, the Loccioni team dedicated to the development of solutions for healthcare, nutrition and wellness, while ICT measurement and competence meet up on a new ground, the energy challenge one. Loccioni Energy deals with buildings in addition to processes and products, by measuring the energy flows and focusing these 42 years of experience and knowledge in transforming quality into sustainability, data measured into tangible values to communicate. Sustainability, efficiency and energy self-sufficiency, Europe 2020 goals, represent very important opportunities for companies, in terms of innovation, work, wellness.


The Leaf Community is the place where these opportunities become real, it is the project shared landscape, the open laboratory where to collectively draw the future.

The first 10 years of the new millennium see Loccioni transforming from knowledge company to a thinking company which develops innovation.


Almost the 50% of collaborators has a degree, the Research for Innovation team numbers more than 40 researchers, the Marketing & Communication team explores new markets and cultural visions, Loccioni systems are proposed in more than 40 countries in the world, in the United States Loccioni Inc. was created; the challenges in the field of sustainability and energy require new approaches and industrial strategies.


The Loccioni Group transforms from knowledge company into a thinking company, where innovation and the design of future become the new competitive advantages.