Female Entrepreneurs celebrate Ms Graziella Rebichini Loccioni


The Italian Senate hosted today a public presentation of the book Diario Pubblico, authored by Oriana Salvucci to tell the stories of a group of outstanding Italian female entrepreneurs. The event has been promoted by MP Silvana Amati to celebrate Ms Graziella Rebichini Loccioni, the lady who started, together with her husband Enrico, the story of Loccioni Group.

According to Sabrina Dubbini, expert on Organizational models, one of the cornerstones of Loccioni’s philosophy – people are the most important value – puts Graziella and Enrico together with some of the most enlightened entrepreneurs in history: Camillo Olivetti, Luisa Spagnoli, Adriano Olivetti.

The legacy of Ms Rebichini has been honoured at the Italian Senate by MP Laura Boldrini, President of the Chamber of Deputies, MP Valeria Fedeli, Vice President of the Italian Senate, and the female entrepreneurs enlisted in the Book Diario Pubblico.


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