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Loccioni among the 2018 Best Managed Companies

In the suggestive setting of Palazzo di Mezzanotte (“Midnight Palace”), Deloitte, together with ALTIS Università Cattolica, ELITE – the London Stock Exchange Group project that supports the development and growth of companies with a high potential – and Confindustria, awarded … Read more

(Italiano) Rosso di sera… questione di Ionosfera!

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(Italiano) Maestri del lavoro 2018

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Humans before numbers. Loccioni awarded

“Social and civil development must not be a by-product of economic development, but a consciously pursued goal”. – Federico Caffé     The Caffè Award is dedicated to the great Italian economist Federico Caffè to reward the effort of enterprises … Read more

Il Ladro dei Numeri, a gentle introduction to informatics

You will say: “What school is it if you do not read and write?”     Norberto Patrignani and Mirella Mazzarini present the first book, published by Loccioni, on digital technologies resulting from an educational experimentation between our company and school. … Read more

The best is yet to come: Pupi Avati’s lesson

  Pupi Avati’s story deserves a movie. He is one of the masters of Italian cinema, with 49 career films. He started off as a jazz musician in Bologna and then started making movies with Federico Fellini and Pier Paolo … Read more

(Italiano) La resilienza – Report

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(Italiano) Il nostro Marzo

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The sky in a room

(Italiano) The Wet Rig project developed by Loccioni and Avio Aero (a GE Aviation business) makes use of advanced simulation to test the Advanced Turbo Prop motors. Read more