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Since many years, Loccioni Group is engaged in trying to develop a business model, in which there are no employees, but intrapreneurs who invest their knowledge in the creation of a shared result, and in which values ​​as responsibility, autonomy, initiative, transparency and participation are incentivized. This is made in the common effort for the development of automated systems for measurement and control to improve the quality, efficiency and sustainability of products, processes and buildings. Social responsibility is thus not only realized into the inside (what you are), but also towards the outside (what you do).


The increase of the unemployed intellectuals should drive us to reflect on actual job’s situation, and if our Group goes against the prevailing trend, is also because we have taken the way of a knowledge-enterprise, that seeks quality work and people to do it.


To continue this task, we have started a collaboration with the Marche Region and the Francesco De Stefano’s PhD in Human Sciences (University of Macerata) to analyze and develop the “Loccioni model” of knowledge-enterprise.


In the spirit of the Open Company, which has been always distinguishing us, we decided to make this project accessible to all through the section Our Knowledge Company, a space in which we will talk about us and our way of understanding job, research and future but rather an area in which we will confront us with others.


It is essential, indeed, that others take part in this cultural path and that by sharing our reality they will enrich us by their experience, commenting, collaborating and participating in the “knowledge-enterprise”.


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